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Neverwas - Kelly  Moore, Tucker Reed, Larkin Reed

Neverwas is the second book by authors Kelly Moore and Tucker and Larken Reed, following Amber House.  It starts in a similar way as Amber House, but almost as if in an alternate universe.  The past is changed as the first book ends, and the second book is as if the changed pasted had continued without the story of the first book, however the main character, Sarah, slowly begins to remember this other "past."  Her aunt Maggie and her brother Sammy, remember the ending of the previous book as well as other echos, however Sarah, the main character, is remember more and more.  The setting is very confusing in the second book.   I originally though the first book took place in the South, approximately modern day, however in the second it has little in common with the original setting.  Instead Nazis are still a very real threat, discrimination is hugely common, and although Sarah is disgusted it seems quite normal to everyone else.  Jackson, another vital character, is dramatically different from the first book, he seems very unhappy, although I understand it would be unreasonable if he wasn't, after all he is not white.  I so far enjoy this book very much and I am excited to keep reading.