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I Hunt Killers by: Barry Lyga

I Hunt Killers - Barry Lyga

I Hunt Killers is a thrilling addition to Barry Lyga's collection of novels.  So far he has written seven different books surrounding Jasper "Jazz" Dent and his serial killer father.  Jazz's upbringing is about as far from normal as it comes.  His father is notoriously famous serial killer, who's crimes are known though out the country, spanning over a decade of time.  However Jazz's father is good at what he does, he does not even have a "type" making some say he is a new kind of killer.  Throughout Jazz's life his father raised him very differently.  With every day being "take your son to work day," Jazz has the horrible opportunity to witness his father committing his notorious crimes.  Jazz also learns all the ins and outs of the crimes allowing him to see crime scenes through the perpetrators eyes, the way many would like to, giving Jazz a real leg up in solving crimes.  Although Jazz's father has been locked up nice and tight for two years a new murderer has arrived in the little town that Jazz grew up in.  With exact copies of Jazz's fathers crimes, Jazz brings it upon himself to get to the bottom of the crime.  However he also must struggle to see if he is more than the monster his father made him, if he ever will be able to escape the shadow his father has cast, if he truly can change the idea of the Dent's name around.  Overall, I Hunt Killers is a thrilling, engrossing novel which I highly recommend.