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My Sister, My Love: The Intimate Story of Skyler Rampike (P.S.)
Joyce Carol Oates


Cracked - K.M. Walton

Cracked is a brilliant story.  It is centered around two very different characters.  William "Bull" and Victor, in many ways are similar but also vastly different.  They come from opposite backgrounds Victors parents being workaholics who never have time for their son and Bull being raised in a family dominated by alcohol.  Victor is a loner, because his parents have no way of expressing their for him in a way he understands, and always seem to seem disappointed in him, even when he does remarkably.  Bull is self reliant, and a bully, because that is how he reflects his home life.  Bull ironically bullies Victor, because Victor is an easy target, being self conscious, shy and without someone to turn to.  It all begins when Victor's parents leave to another country, without so much of a goodbye to their son, when Victor decides he's done; and attempts to commit suicide by over dosing on sleeping pills.  Meanwhile Bull comes in contact with a gun, with which he decides he's going to kill his alcoholic grandfather with, so he wont keep being abused.  However, his grandfather hits the gun causing it to shoot Bull in the leg.  The two boys wake up to the unfortunate truth that they have to be roommates in the local psych ward, to keep them safe.  They have to find a way to find peace with themselves, each other and the world or risk returning to a world worse than before.