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The Circle of Blood

The Circle of Blood - Alane Ferguson

The Circle of Blood, a forensic mystery novel by Alane Furguson, was a thrilling read.  It is the third book in the series all focusing around the dramatic, traumatic life of Cameryn Mahoney.  It begins with her mother returning into her life, as up until this point she has been raised by her father and his mother.  Her father and grandmother are distraught by how dedicated Cameryn is to connecting with this women, after some secret tragedy broke their bonds of trust years before.  At this point Cameryn learns that in an accident years earlier her mother accidentally ran over and killed her little sister, leaving her father and grandmother distraught.  Her mother was then institutionalized for Bipolar disorder.  Cameryn feels as though her mother ought to be forgiven, and pledges to "protect" her mother how no one else will.  Cameryn then meets a strange girl who has gotten a ride with her mother.  The girl runs away with her mother's wallet and although Cameryn tries to catch her she escapes.  Later her body is found in after she supposedly committed suicide.  Fearing her mother would be connected Cameryn says nothing of her connection.  It is then determined that the girl was actually murdered and Cameryn's mother is arrested.  It is up to Cameryn to solve this murder, before her mother, and her relationship with her mother are tainted forever.